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Sure Foot Pads are a revolutionary way of improving your horse’s balance, confidence, movement and performance.

Sure Foot Pads allows your horse to experience his own habitual patterns of movement and provides him with an opportunity to explore and learn new ways of standing on his feet and utilizing the ground for greater ease, comfort and confidence.

Specifically designed for taking the weight of a large horse, Sure Foot pads give under the horses’ weight bringing his attention to where he is placing his feet and providing new information to the balancing part of his nervous system. 

With this new found awareness your horse can explore, shift and alter his habitual patterns of standing and moving by himself, ultimately choosing a more secure and effective way to stand and move without human interference. 

In addition to reprogramming the balancing portion of the brain there is obviously an affect on the instinctive part of the brain. While it cannot be fully explained, SURE FOOT Pads offer a calming effect, shifting the horse from the fight & flight reaction or sympathetic autonomic nervous system (ANS) response to the grazing or parasympathetic (PNS) response. 

Some horses experience an even deeper level of relaxation believed to be caused by a release of endorphins somehow triggered by standing on the pads.

Sure Foot Pads are available in a variety of densities indicated by colors , supplied in pairs and come with an instructional DVD.

WARNING: Before using Sure Foot Pads with your horse familiarize yourself with the SURE FOOT Program by watching the SURE FOOT® DVD and reading the guidelines supplied with your pads.  Always consult your veterinary.before use.



How do SURE FOOT PADS work?

We are not sure of all the ways in which SURE FOOT pads affect the nervous system in the horse. Clearly there are a wide variety of receptors being affected and brain chemicals released as evidenced by the visible signs; eyes softening, licking and chewing, deep breathing, relaxation, neck lowering, etc.

Sure Foot Pads improve your horse’s balance, confidence, movement and performance.

I am curious what instigates the chemical processes and endorphin release that takes place and how does being on the pad trigger it?

 We are not sure at this time exactly how standing on the pads triggers the endorphin release.

Sure Foot Pads improve your horse’s balance, confidence, movement and performance.

Is anyone doing research on SURE FOOT?

We currently have several research studies being conducted on how SURE FOOT  Pads are affecting the horse and his nervous system . We look forward to sharing the outcomes with you as soon as they are available.


Sure Foot Pads FAQ's (pdf)


Sure Foot Pads - Farriers & Trimmers

Sure Foot pads help to make arthritic horses more comfortable

Are farriers using SURE FOOT when they work on horses?

Yes. Many farriers and trimmers are using SURE FOOT to make horses more comfortable while they work on them. This also allows for greater safety to the trimmer. Please see our testimonial page for a wonderful story. 

Pads are suitable for shod and barefoot horses.

Sure Foot Pads - Dogs

Can I use Sure Foot pads with my Dog?

We often get asked if we make a version for dogs, or is there a way to adapt the equine version for a larger canine? 

We are currently testing our Canine range and hope to have it released soon.

However, you can use the same equine SURE FOOT pads with your dogs and for you too! 

We recommend the Physio pad as the pad of choice for dogs.

Sure Foot Pads help horses and dogs
Sure Foot Pads help horses and dogs


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Safety Disclaimer and Warranty

Please read the DVD sent with all pads before use.  

Pads are supplied with a warranty card with instructions on how to complete.  

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