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Sure Foot Pads helping horses one hoof at a time

Sure Foot Pads Testimonials

JOCK - 23 year old Clydesdale gelding 1.1 tons with Feet 223 mm wide.

For many years Jock has had difficulty in lifting his hind legs for trimming.  A balancing act between lifting feet, trying to get the trim done with only 10-15 seconds before Jock needed to plant his foot down or loose his balance.

With the introduction of Sure Foot Pads , and then waiting until he was comfortable standing on the pads we were then able to place his feet on the hoof stand for a longer period of time.  He will sometimes now stay for the duration of working on his feet. A much happier horse and much happier trimmer - thanks Sure Foot Pads.

David Le Mesurier - Bare Foot Trimmer Canberra ACT.