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CEN Products



CEN Oil is a Powerful Omega 3 Boost oil for horses- 100% Natural plant-based oil with antioxidants.

Non-heating cool energy source,

Highly digestible,

Anti-inflammatory properties,

Room temperature storage is sufficient for up to 3 months on opening.

No refrigeration required up to 30ºC

Available in 4.5 and 20 litres

Keep your horse shiny and healthy with CEN Oil.


CEN Complete Electrolyte – No Sugar

CEN Complete Electrolyte is a sugar and filler free complete electrolyte, balanced to match the proportion of electrolytes lost through sweat.
Each serving provides rapid re-hydration through a concentrated high-quality formula.

- Perfect for re-hydration before or after strenuous exercise or treatment

- Concentrated chloride levels and chelated minerals for improved absorption

- Made with high quality, food grade ingredients

- NO Sugar, Filler, Dextrose or Sodium Bicarbonate

- Excellent choice for all performance & pleasure horses

Available in 2kg /80 day supply

Compliment with CEN Oil for horses