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Australian Made BUGEYES

Bugeye fly masks are the best mesh fly mask available in the world.

Amazing quality products to keep your horse protected all year round:

Fly Masks - UV protection

Bugeye FlyMasks

Bugeyes Fly Masks are made from quality four way stretch Lycra (spandex) and the unique pattern has an elasticated gullet to ensure the perfect fit. As they are designed to fit like a second skin, they do not rub or create pressure points and flies and insects are unable to crawl under the mask or bite through the lycra.
The pleating system ensures our eyes maintain their shape.

 Available in 11 sizes (please see our size chart), however for custom sizing or requirements please email us.

Protect your horse's eyes all year round with 90% UV stabilised BugEyes Fly Masks

BugEyes Fly Masks Size chart

Bugeye fly masks are the best mesh fly mask available in the world.

If unsure, it is best to drop down a size for your Bugeyes Fly Masks

Measuring Guide

How to Measure

  1. Length of nose flap: measure from top of noseband to desired length. Keep in mind if it is too long it may flip up while your horse is grazing.
  2. Width of nose flap: measure from centre seam to desired width (this width will be doubled)
  3. Gullet: measure from gullet, around behind ears to starting point.
  4. Poll to noseband: measure from centre of poll to start of noseband.
  5. Noseband: measure around the head where the noseband would sit. And now you are ready to order your Bugeyes Fly Masks


Bugeye FAQ's

Q: Are your fly veils hot? Will they make my horse sweat?

No, our spandex (also known by the brand name Lycra) fly masks will add no significant heat to your horse.

What are your Bugeye fly masks made from?

Our Bugeyes are made from spandex, also known by the brand name Lycra, a manmade synthetic fibre.

Spandex can expand up to nearly 600% of its size, offers an unrestricted range of motion and snaps back in place. Spandex is breathable, wicks moisture and dries quickly.

We choose to use spandex as it is the only fabric that ensures our fly masks fit like a second skin and doesn’t create pressure points or rub.

We offer two eye mesh types, Ultimate UV and Standard (insect) mesh. Ultimate UV is a stronger, more durable and has a higher UV protection rating, we strongly recommend choosing Ultimate UV if your horse lives in a harsh climate or is tough on fly veils.

How do I put my Bugeye on my horse?

The four way stretch lycra will stretch as you pull on your flymask then adjust the elastic around the gullet as needed.

What size should I order?

Please refer to our size guide above or contact us.

I can’t find a colour or pattern I like in my horses size

If you would like a Bugeye in a color not available on the website, please  Contact Us to discuss options.

My horses nose is prone to sunburn, how can I protect them?

We offer 4 nose flap options to protect your horses nose, we highly recommend our nose skirts as they provide the most coverage, flare away from the horses nose to avoid irritation and do not retain water. 

How do I care for my Bugeye fly mask?

To maintain the life of the product, we recommend washing your Bugeyes once a week or twice a week in harsh conditions. Please follow the below care instructions:

– Cold, hand wash with a gentle detergent that is compatible with your horses skin – Do not bleach, soak, wring or tumble dry – Do not iron or dry clean. 

How long does a Bugeye fly mask last?

The useful  lifespan of Bugeyes varies depending on your horses environment and behaviour, so there is no definitive answer. The key factors that affect the lifespan are:

  • UV exposure: As with any material, the longer it is exposed to the suns harmful rays, the quicker it will perish.
  • Ground condition: Hard, dry dirt is abrasive and will shorten the lifespan of the Bugeye. Alternatively, if your paddocks have grassy ground cover, this is softer and will not significantly affect the fly mask.
  • Objects your horse may contact: Trees, fencing and any other objects that horses may rub against or contact will decrease the lifespan.
  • Paddock/Stable mates: if your horse is kept in contact with other horses that pull or bite at the fly mask, this will affect the useful life of the Bugeye.
  • Following recommended care instructions: see our Care Instructions 

NOTE: If you live in a harsh climate, we strongly recommend our Ultimate UV mesh as it is stronger, more durable  and has a higher UV protection rating than our Standard mesh.  

Bugeye fly masks are the best mesh fly mask available in the world.
Bugeye fly masks are the best mesh fly mask available in the world.